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Service AreaNew York City


Our focus goes beyond that of keeping our world clutter free. We want and will achieve what others could not, and only a few have managed.

We are Junk Men “R” Us, and we are here to provide a state of the art service to residential, commercial, and to those that need us the most. We are not just a business. We are your friends and family, and in the coming months, you, our neighbors, will see what sets us apart from other companies because we are not just here for the money, although that’s an incentive that’ll help us grow towards our main goal, towards something bigger and better.

To us Junk removal is not just junk removal, but a way to help our environment and community by providing jobs to the jobless, helping keep our streets clean through our volunteer work, and donating unwanted items that are still of use to those that are in need of them and cannot afford it. We will also restore what can be restored and sell those items through our partnership with, and will donate a percentage of those proceeds to a good cause.